It’s Confirmed: We’re Doing Well

Bishop Logue with Eugene Lamie

What a joy it was to have Bishop Frank and Victoria Logue with us last Sunday. And especially on a occasion where we confirmed six people and received another six into The Episcopal Church.

The Bishop met with the whole congregation after the service and fielded questions on everything from the role of a bishop to the role of the church in times of such polarized and divisive politics. He also touched upon the angst about aging church populations and ways in which St. Barnabas plays an important part as the self-described “Island of Misfit Toys” serving the need in the community of a church with traditional Episcopal worship that makes room at the table for those who are looking for a loving church family home.

He spoke encouragingly about the possibility of all three Episcopal churches in Valdosta finding some common projects to help the greater community.

The bishop will be back again in Advent of 2024 for his regular visit. We look forward to seeing him again.

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